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Bucknam & Conley CPAs

Bucknam & Conley CPAs


About Us

While today's event-driven transition to remote work is a shock to some, we're already there and stand ready to help you with your taxes. For several years, we've been spending more than double our rent on leading-edge software and security to provide a seamless and safe Virtual CPA experience. Call us at 518-587-8329 or email us at to get started.

Our ability to work and hire virtually has provided a diversity of experience with all types of business and individual clients from LA to NYC. Whether in the same room or across the country, we work alongside our clients so that they can reach their personal and business financial objectives. Our secure portals and video capabilities allow us to offer the same personalized, high-quality service that we provide in person, without travel time to our office. Being located in Saratoga Springs, New York with broad virtual reach allows us to bring small-city value to big-city clients.


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