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Mama Mia's Restaurant

Mama Mia's Restaurant


About Us

Comfort Food, Relaxed Italian Atmosphere...That's What Mama Mia's Is All About.

The first thing you notice when you walk into Mama Mia's is the scent of fresh baked brick-oven pizza in the air.

Mama Mia's is a family-run Italian restaurant located in Saratoga Springs. We pride ourselves with serving outstanding hand-tossed, gourmet pizza and homemade Italian dishes along with exceptional service.

Our Italian food is made with the finest ingredients, bringing old world flair to our family style eatery. Our menu features gourmet brick oven pizza, Italian specialty dishes such as veal, seafood, and chicken, pasta and an Italian coffee bar with Italian cakes and pastries.

All pizza and dishes are made to order. Owner Giuseppe Grisio oversees that all dishes are prepared and served with love and everyone who dines at Mama Mia's feels like it's their home as well.

Good Italian food, cozy seating and friendly service will make you want to return again and again!


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Rep/Contact Info

Lauren & Giuseppe Grisio

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