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Thorn + Roots

Thorn + Roots


About Us

We believe in getting back to our roots and bringing local farms to urban communities so that we can make really freaking good food and drinks for really good people. In staying true to our roots, we partner with several local businesses to serve up fresh food from our local community, giving our guests another option and delivering the best quality “who cares if it’s healthy, we just love the way it tastes” food and drink into as many hands as possible. Our state-of-the-art equipment smashes the heck out of some serious fruits, veggies, avocados and more and turns them into delectable works of art. URBAN ROOTS is for everyone—from vegan to vegetarian to paleo to keto to paleo-keto-vegetarian, to those who just want to balance out the burger and beer from last night—URBAN ROOTS is for you.

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