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Pitney Meadows Community Farm, Inc


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About Us

Imagine a city that has a farm within the city limits.

Imagine if this farm had a large year-round farmhub building.

Imagine if a large community garden was a part of this.

Imagine a location for summer camps to teach kids about farming and food, and how their food choices influence so many aspects of their life and their community.

Imagine if this farm was landscaped beautifully, with fields of flowers and sunflowers, native plants and trees, windbreaks of curly and pussy willow, dogwood and redbud.

Imagine, a blank slate, where the possibilities are endless and we are allowed to dream and create a very, very special place

This amazing and unique urban farm project needs the entire community’s help to succeed. We welcome your involvement and support initiative to make this great vision become a reality.


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