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Asst. Director of Comm Hab(ID/DD Services

Posted: 02/04/2024

This position always has something going on with the variety of services in this department.  The social club might be going on a trip. The people in the apartment program may be having a Bar-B-Que. Perhaps you’re hearing about the person who has come out of their shell in Community Hab. because their staff went the extra mile, and that makes your day.  

The person in this position also gets to facilitate Sib Shops for siblings of people with developmental disabilities.  Becoming our Best Selves (BOBS) group might focus on cooking or social interactions that will help someone grow and potentially be more independent. You may be attending a meeting on self-directed services and support families, reassuring them when they call.  You get to provide monthly support and information at the Caregiver support group. The payrate for this position starts at $63,960 to $67,158.

What we offer you

  • Great Benefits – Health Insurance, life insurance, dental and vision insurance, sick time and holiday time

What we require of you

  • Bachelor’s degree in Health, Human Services, or Social Work
  • 2 years of experience in administrative or supervisory capacity in a program serving people with developmental disabilities.
  • Valid NYS driver’s license
  • Must meet QIDP requirements
Apply Online at:

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